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Māori Television is New Zealand’s national indigenous broadcaster. We connect with New Zealand life, New Zealand stories and New Zealand people.

Māori Television continues to inform, educate and entertain a rapidly growing and increasingly broad audience platform across age, gender and ethnicity. Some 80% of our programming is locally produced and many of our programmes are bilingual, in both Māori and English. The majority are subtitled and there is a great variety to appeal to all sectors of the community.

We offer advertising opportunities across our entire range of programming. Of significant benefit to advertisers is our own limit on commercial minutes. At a current maximum of 4 minutes per hour advertisements on Māori Television will have more of a natural “stand out factor”.

Our platform of advertising options is geared to delivering performance for the growing list of clients using our channel. Whether that be audience performance of packages, connection with our audience through well considered sponsorships, or measured response through our innovative integrated opportunities, Māori Television is geared to delivering tangible performance and a return on your investment to reach our increasingly responsive and influential audience.

Increasingly the broad realm of our audience is positively connected with many of the key businesses and services available throughout New Zealand as the following tables illustrate.

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Toni Urlich 
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